Saturday, May 29, 2010

How everything started

Hi my name is Wadiya and I'm 9 years old and this is the story about my fundraiser.

It all started one day when my grandpa sent this e-mail to me that made me think about how people die because they have no food and water.

Right now I'm trying to save money to buy baskets with basic foods like flour, rice, salt, beans, pastas, oil, sugar, coffee, chocolate, and powdered milk.

So if you donate 20 dollars to a family in need, we will send one basket to them in your name and you can have their information and have communication with them.



Who you're helping

See these kids, they are the ones you are helping.

Our gift to you

To show our appreciation, we will send you a Rosary and a guide to show you how to use it. You might think that there is no use for it, but your prayer will help you and others a lot.